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I dunno why, in night 215 Astaroth, Zepar and Phenex looked like a family and I thought, hey…what if they were?


Heal, Phenex!


"I see. Trust your judgement and keep him safe from those people, Phenex. I am sure you and your siblings are capable and Kouen is strong enough to properly wield you to your full potential."

"I have no intention of allowing people to manipulate him. Of course, we are capable, My King." Her smile widen for a moment. A nod given as her feathers ruffled up a bit out of habit.


"Ah yes, I had met him. He is very eager, but I wish I knew his true intentions. He claims that he is not affiliated with Al-Tharmen, however the discussion I had with Baal worries me. Even if he’s not affiliated…he still appears to be a pawn."

"He is a man of many worries, concerns, and troubles. He is a enigmatic being but I believe his intentions are more or less, pure. I am unsure what that side wants with him, nor do I wish for them to have their hands on my candidate. I believe time is the only thing that will tell."


"You are with a new candidate yes? I hope they are treating you with great respect and care."

"My candidate is an ambitious man who very interested in our Utopia. Ren Kouen."


He floated up to her and stroked one of her large feathers. “They very much suit you. I have missed you so much.” The king was growing soft as he continued to be united with his beloved subjects.

She felt the light touch against her feathers which made her puff a little out of excitement and perhaps pride. “I’ve missed you as well,” she chirped happily out of happy. Her expression soften towards Solomon.


"And you would be wise in such a decision, as I am very real." He bowed his head slightly, a smile on his face. “It is wonderful to see you once more, Phenex."

Feathers fluffed lightly as she smiled at the King. She leaned down as the Djinn nearly looked like she was going to cry out of happiness but she held herself well. “It is even more delightful to see you.”


Does her eye deceive her? Phenex would stare for a moment until her expression brighten instantaneously. No, she should never doubt the imagery of the Great King.  Her lips poised a small smile, “King Solomon, my eyes do not deceive me. I shall not doubt that this isn’t reality.”